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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How soon can we get a dumpster delivered?

    Delivery time varies from possible same-day deliveries to 1 or 2 days’ notice. It is best to plan for your disposal dumpster a few days in advance so we can best meet your timing requirements.

    What if I need more time than the days included?

    Just email us and we can tailor a package to your individual requirements

    What time will the driver drop off my dumpster?

    Deliveries are generally made between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

    I have no driveway. Can you put the dumpster on the street?

    We can provide you a permit. Please ask us about your local regulations.

    How can I pay for the service?

    The preferred method of payment is by major credit card at the time of booking.

    Can I move the bin?

    No, to get the bag/bin moved you need to call or email our dispatcher. For a reasonable fee, we will move the bin if it is required.

    How do you charge?

    The pricing for our services is dependant upon the size of bin required, the type of materials, driving distance, and the volume and weight of material as determined by the appropriate transfer station. Please contact us for detailed, CLEAR & STRAIGHTFORWARD rates.

    Is TAM 2000 Inc. insured?

    Yes. We are fully covered with the Worker’s Compensation Board, and General Liability Insurance. We are also COR certified.

    Must someone be on-site when you deliver or remove my container?

    No, it is not necessary to have someone on-site for the delivery or removal of dumpsters. *Please ensure the dumpster is not blocked on the scheduled pick-up date. The driver will use his best judgment to place the container in the safest most accessible area. If you are present on delivery, you can give instructions to the truck operator about where you want the dumpster. However, if you do not have a person on-site and you are not happy with the location of the dumpster, you will be responsible for all charges associated with its relocation. For dumpster removal, you must agree to provide unobstructed access to the dumpster on pick-up day. If the equipment is inaccessible, you will be responsible for additional pick-up charges, as terms and conditions apply.

    Will the bags / dumpster damage my driveway?

    We highly recommend that you protect any surface where the bags or roll-off bins is going to be placed with a 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood. T.A.M 2000 Inc.  is free and clear of all liability associated with damage to property due to bags / dumpster placement.

    How much room do I need to allow to have a bags/ dumpster dropped off?

    Our bags need overhead clearance, (no overhead wire lines, tree branches, overhanging roof edges) to obstruct crane operations.  For metal bins, we need the length of the truck plus the length of the dumpster to drop off the container, (approx. 70-80 feet) and a minimum of 12 feet wide clearance.

    What items are not permitted?

    Solvents, chemicals, oils, toxic materials, paints, flammable liquids, explosives, oil drums, oil tanks, Freon, tires, batteries, fridges, freezers, pressurized tanks, Computer Monitors, food items & carcasses.

    How do I load the bin?

    The bin should not be loaded higher than the rim (drivers will not pick up the bin if it is unsafe for them to carry it on the roads). The waste should be even throughout the bin.